More About Me

I meet people where they are at whether to: get “rid of pain,” become “more flexible,” “get centered,” “let go”, integrate various parts of body and mind or do a deep dive exploring the body’s capacity.

The approach is centered around perceptions of self, daily activities, history and goals. This “bodywork” can occur through touch, movement or a combination of both. It is normal for me to give a massage though the larger vision is to bring you closer to what it feels like to enjoy being in your body. Upon consultation I present plan of approach, which may include further exercises, stretching, mindfulness, relaxation techniques or other complimentary modalities. This is a holistic perspective for Embodied Integration.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008, Certified Pilates Instructor since 2006, and continue to live with passion for movement and energetics, expanding through new techniques, or lens’ through which we can understand who we are.

Typically, people seek me for the degree of subtly I can perceive through my hands, and my capacity to translate what I feel into other parts of life and the relationships around us. I dance and travel as a means to learn about honoring new communities and ecosystems for collective harmony. Check out my work with water at