Reigniting the Fire

We are at our core level vital, creative and free. In this time of accelerated challenge, we also have the opportunity to breakthrough to new levels of integration and inspiration. What I share here is the lived experience of the transformation that occurs in myself and in my practice.

I work in three primary realms: Movement, Embodiment and Community Processes.  Movement reveals what motivates us. Movement uncovers our potential. Embodiment grounds our awareness through the body, allowing our nervous systems to regulate and create enhanced responsiveness to change. Community Processes include Women’s Groups and Ritual Dance Offerings.  The complete experience dismantles body shame and physical limitation, while enhancing self-regulation, intimacy and sense of purpose.

My passion is reigniting the fire, to bring an integrative approach and allow space for authenticity to flourish.


Together we explore:

  • How to trust in the wisdom of your body.
  • How to make peace with your physical experience to absolve body shame and pain.
  • How heightening the senses and intuition can provide a reliable framework to make aligned choices and loving movements in the world.