Movement reveals what motivates us. Movement uncovers our potential. AND 70% of people in the United States are starved for movement. Our desks lock us in place and our creativity, vitality and integrity suffers.

My passion is reigniting the fire, to bring smart, balanced and creative ways to move that allow our authenticity to flourish.

I believe in intuition and the power of the body to know exactly where to be.  When we move from those spaces, we become alive in ways that are nothing short of magical.

I provide the spaces for you to understand the messages your body is telling you to know:

–How to integrate posture into living an in integrity

–How your body has all the wisdom it needs to make better choices and live a life that is richly imbued with synchronicity and integrity

–How heightening the senses and intuition can provide a reliable framework to trust our bodies no matter where we are in our lives.


“My bodywork sessions with Suzanne were truly transformative, and I don’t use those words lightly. She is uniquely intuitive and she connected deeply with my core self, facilitating intense personal growth. She has been a beautiful development in my life.”

 – Carrie Visintainer
(Author of Wild Mama)

“In my experience Suzanne has a unique and gifted ability to Meet the individual where they are most able to receive healing. Her intuitive connection appears to be so deep that she is able to administer the session from the place of an ancestor of ones own bloodline or heritage .The admixture of her kinesthetic awareness & psychic / empathic abilities is a beautiful pairing. In my experience she seems to have both an explicit understanding of the mechanics of the body as well as clear connections with archetypal & angelic forces. These complimentary qualities coalesce in a way that bears incredibly beneficial fruit for the body.”

Robbie R,  Bodyworker, San Francisco, CA