We have endless possibilities within our bodies to breakthrough…

to peace, to love, to embrace all that we are, which is only limited by our imagination.

What I share is my lived experience of the transformation.

My passion is Movement, Massage, and Embodiment.

My passion is  Intuition and the Wisdom of the Tarot.

Falling in love with our bodies reveals our integrality with all of life.

Tarot activates our archetypal roots and enhances our spiritual discernment.

This is an evolving space, a landing page for neuroplasticity, healing, and wholeness.

This is an opportunity to engage in co-creative collaboration.

Here there are spaces for one-on-one sessions, coaching, and group courses designed to grow along with you.


Together we explore:

  • How to trust in the wisdom of your body.
  • How to make peace with your physical experience to absolve body shame and pain.
  • How heightening the senses and intuition can provide a reliable framework to make aligned choices and loving movements in the world.